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Article Archive

The following is a collection of over 383 pages worth of articles. These articles cover the gambit of emerging technology, art, market strategy, consumer advisories, and even some opinion pieces and product reviews thrown in. Articles are updated monthly and some cases weekly depending on the availability of material and the time to write high quality content. Many of these articles have been run as features in major trade magazines, technical journals, and some select on-line content sites.

Date: Title: Description:
02/25/2013 Region Free Blu-ray and DVD Operating Instructions How to operate your disc player to play discs from any region.
02/17/2013 Review of video conferencing technology trends 2013 Results of completed search of related articles and video conferencing products.
11/29/2012 Amazon Search Category Translation Table A handy conversion table between search category proper names and their correct search index code.
10/04/2012 What TV Antenna to Buy for HD Reception in Fargo ND/Moorhead MN A comprehensive look into what equipment you need to purchase to receive quality FREE over the air reception of HD television signals.
04/13/2012 How much does John Deere charge to change the oil in a lawn tractor? A detailed breakdown of charges by John Deere for a lawn tractor oil change.
04/06/2012 Grail Engine - A Critical Look A non-marketing driven inspection of the technology and problems likely associated with it
11/15/2011 Mining for the Resolution to Sporadically Occurring Outages A review of a recent white paper on risk concentration analysis
11/14/2011 Roku 2 XS Review A great, very small, box, but has some hiccups
09/19/2011 Netflix Divides Service Introduces Quickster - My response A personal message to the Netflix CEO
06/11/2011 What to Bring on a Bigfoot Expedition Gearing up for possible encounter with the primitive sasquatch.
06/09/2011 Making PEG a Favorites Channel A story about a small town's aspirations to rejuvenate its Public Educational and Government (PEG) access channel.
06/04/2011 Recommendations for City Websites Guide to cities considering a website as well as those in the market to upgrade an existing website.
03/03/2011 Review of ADSL Modems with Built-in Wireless Router A no nonsense review focused on range, reliability, cost, and ease of use.
10/26/2010 Region Free DVD and Blu-ray players A real-world field study... Do they really work? If so, where can they be found?
03/24/2009 Video on Demand (VoD) ala Netflix An in-depth look at how Netflix and Roku work together and what to expect from the two in the future
07/06/2009 Domain Registration Scam Exposed Oversees domain registration preys on unsuspecting to generate domain registration revenue.
01/12/2009 Are Over the Air Antennas Now Obsolete? The truths and benefits of over-the-air antennas.
01/08/2009 Detecting Click Fraud and Demanding Value for Your Ad Dollar(s) What Yahoo, Google, and MSN can and cannot do!.
10/28/2008 Guidance Technology Opportunities and Challenges What subscribers can't find on television is more than just an inconvenience.
10/28/2008 BD-Live: Internet Invading Physical Media What does BD-Live have in common with Tru2way?
10/09/2008 Television - The Best is 'Still' Yet to Come! A glimpse of the future of Television courtesy of Gary Shapiro.
09/29/2008 Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Applications Things I keep having to do, but can never remember how I fixed them
08/26/2008 Rising Competitive Threat of Communications as a Service (CaaS) Where and how is CaaS competing against Telecom and Cable?
07/02/2008 High Speed Upgrade Challenges High speed upgrades paying price for installation short cuts made in the past.
06/06/2008 The "Potentially" Smart Home A huge market looking for a console to manage it.
04/22/2008 Digital Television (DTV) Converter Box Review & Where to Buy Untangling the choices in DTV converter boxes, here is a short and sweet cheat sheet
03/28/2008 What Ever Happened to DCAS

A solution looking for industry buyer.

02/04/2008 Opportunity or Trouble with C's - CableB2B, CableHome, Canoe?

Cable's pursuit of a homogeneous nationwide interactive advertising solution.

01/03/2008 Choosing Best High Definition TV (HDTV) Programming Package

Guidance in choosing between Cable, DBS (Satellite), FiOS and U-verse for HDTV service.

10/07/2007 Video on Demand (VoD) Reinventing Itself

How technology and competitive shifts within VoD are defining next generation solutions.

08/20/2007 Brushing the dust of long tail Video on Demand (VoD) titles Addressing the problem of accessibility in ever growing VoD libraries.
07/04/2007 Due Diligence and the Percentages of Doing Business Beating the percentages with careful planning and extensive due diligence.
05/07/2007 Paying Publishers for their (Video) Content Risk versus rewards not yet adding up for the average publisher of video content challenging the Web 2.0 model.
05/02/2007 Choosing High Definition Disc Player: Blu-ray vs HD-DVD The "confusion" around competing standards is way over blown
04/01/2007 Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Essentials Enabling bridges between services within a connected home
01/20/2007 Business Success and Rewarding the Right People Building a sustainable business by rewarding and keeping the right people
12/21/2006 Choosing Best Digital Television: DLP vs LCD vs Plasma Guidance in choosing the best digital television
11/05/2006 The Best High Definition DVD Players Reviewed The perfect gift for the gadget lover, but making an uninformed purchase could cost you
11/03/2006 Toshiba HD-DVD Review A review of the latest high definition DVD players and what to look for
03/22/2006 Local Video Franchise - Asset or Liability A journey from local video monopoly to a true broadband free market economy
03/11/2006 Automated Patent Evaluation An introduction to evaluating intellectual property (IP)
03/08/2006 Finding, Comparing, and Buying an HDTV Plasma Television A walk through a recent purchase of a plasma television
02/12/2006 Consumer Appetite for High-Tech Television A historical look at television innovations and how they help us predict consumer appetite for new high-tech features
11/15/2005 The Skype Loop Hole How Skype exploited holes in telecommunications legislation and hype from Forbes and Red Herring

10/06/2005 Navigating Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) One of the nation's worst airports for the handicap and families with small children

09/21/2005 eBay, Skype, and the Terrorists How to build the largest terrorist communications network in the world!
08/25/2005 Enterprise RSS Applications Augmenting really simple syndication to fit enterprise businesses
08/02/2005 Digital Rights Management (DRM) Strategies 2005 Our take-away from the conference downtown New York City
07/23/2005 Patent Search and Management Services Review A detailed look at your global patent search and management options
07/21/2005 The Need for Speed - Over Delivering Bandwidth Questioning demand for higher bandwidth in an effort to understand the repercussions.
07/21/2005 Lead with Content & Services not Bandwidth What is more valuable to consumers – a pipe or the water that flows through it?
07/19/2005 Brownfield vs Greenfield Opportunities Alternatives when searching for diamonds in the rough – the search for an acquisition target
07/16/2005 Over the Top VoIP Service Providers Review Got broadband, need phone services, take your pick from an increasing selection
07/15/2005 The Future of Quality of Service (QoS) Will it will not be the differentiator that service providers are looking for?
07/06/2005 Wireless Repeater Review Extending the range of your wireless networks without adding wires
06/26/2005 Lucid Security Review Dawn of a new age or just another software company?
06/24/2005 Speed Bumps on the Battlefield of Bandwidth (price) Wars Obstacles to speed increases and the ongoing expansion of broadband
06/19/2005 Rebecca Hackemann Reinvents Stereo Photographic Art Form

An artist's drive to create entirely unique photographic optical sculptures

05/26/2005 What are SMTP Mail Relay Services?

How to get around your ISP blocking your ability to use any SMTP server other than theirs

05/18/2005 You Might be a Dog Fanatic if You?

A comical look into dog ownership and those owners that go to the extreme

04/20/2005 Why Comcast should Buy Netflix Recipe for building a monopoly in movie content distribution
04/08/2005 Broadband, HDTV, and Video Art An artistic window with a view towards next generation broadband services. that deliver video art
11/14/2004 XoIP - Anything over Internet Protocol (IP) The vision of things to come and perhaps a much needed reality check
09/28/2004 Grid Computing: Toolkits and IDEs Building the foundation for super scalable application development
08/27/2004 Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) Going beyond the lab and technical trials and into production rollouts
06/20/2004 Universities pave the way for online gaming While service providers balk, universities forge ahead with online gaming initiates
05/21/2004 Billing & OSS Show 2004 in Washington, DC My personal observations of the show, vendors, and technologies showcased
05/02/2004 Consumer Electronics and the Realities of Retail Broadband Equipment Where compliance with standards has limited vendors ability to be unique & competitive
04/09/2004 Broadband Messaging & Permission Based Marketing Building a successful marketing and consumer information system using
broadband messaging
02/11/2004 Emergency Alert System (EAS) Over Broadband Proactively taking Homeland Security to the growing online community
02/13/2004 Skype, Vonage, Net2Phone, etc. and residential secondary line service How far can outsiders go by exploiting broadband?
01/13/2004 Fixed versus Usage-Based Billing: Reasons to Keep it Simple Making real cents with simplicity over delving too quickly into usage-based options
12/30/2003 The Lure of Using Microsoft .NET for OSS/BSS Evaluating Microsoft's entry into the OSS/BSS space
12/12/2003 Service Qualification: Dead End Technology or the Future of Provisioning Examining trends of the service qualification industry
11/12/2003 Buying Into High Definition Television (HDTV) What you need to know before buying an HDTV system
11/06/2003 Nonresponding Digital Set Top Box (STB) Realizing pay-per-view purchases before they become orphans
10/12/2003 Broadband Exception Reporting Simplifying network monitoring by only addressing exceptions
09/11/2003 PPV: Consequence of Using Store and Forward Authorization Devils in the details of managing a successful PPV service
08/02/2003 Build, Buy, or Subscribe and Pursuit of Functionality Direction for service providers seeking to gain functionality
07/14/2003 VoD No Match for Portability and Standardization Predicting the outcome between VoD and packaged media
06/10/2003 Reverse Auto-Provisioning Reversing the process of subscriber signup to force service agreement compliance
05/09/2003 Multiple Broadband Connections to Home/Business Building a multi-ISP home just got easier
04/24/2003 The Power of the Pen Adventures in obtaining permission to publicly announce customer wins
03/31/2003 Limiting the Impact of Top Talkers on a Budget Employing restrictions of subscriber bandwidth usage without packet shaping
02/11/2003 Bandwidth, Contention, and Profits Combating forces working against efficient, profitable delivery of quality data services.
02/11/2003 DOCSIS Upstream Amplifier Comparison Combating forces working against efficient, profitable delivery of quality data services.
12/03/2002 Route Control Taking control of your enterprise Internet routing
08/24/2002 Predictive Modeling Applications for predictive modeling in the broadband space
08/02/2002 Oversubscribing Broadband Networks Understanding the economics of providing broadband service and capital costs
06/14/2002 Keys to Implementing Successful CRM Providing incentives to improve CRM information and success.
06/13/2002 Trouble at Home Issues regarding home networking that complicate the delivery of value added services
03/29/2002 Online Gaming: Getting down to business Introduction to online gaming business components, architectures, and financials.
03/15/2002 Impact of Content & Demand on Bandwidth Management Addressing the source of broadband's network capacity woes
02/12/2002 Broadband Provisioning: The need for a standardization How the lack of standardization in broadband provisioning is impacting future services
02/13/2002 Internet Gaming: Understanding the Attraction An in-depth look at makes internet games so attractive over their CD counterparts
01/23/2002 Internet Gaming: Demystifying the Attraction An introduction to Internet gaming and what attracts gamers.
12/27/2001 Broadband Installation Options A comparison of various installation options available to broadband operators today (focus on MDUs).
12/07/2001 Managing Network Bandwidth Evaluating the usefulness of managing network bandwidth
08/02/2001 Cable Modem Security Insulating your network from your subscribers
07/20/2001 The ABC's of Understanding DHCP Performance A look into how DHCP works and what things impact its performance
05/29/2001 IP Address Management Nuts and bolts of managing explosion of IP addresses on broadband networks
04/30/2001 Distributed Systems Distributing applications as a way of promoting service reliability and better performance
02/25/2001 Non-Invasive Network Management Getting more out of our network management system without impacting what your managing
01/16/2001 Innovation on the Internet A discussion about the future of the Internet
01/28/2001 Open Access: Transparency How to make open access compelling for customers -- make changing ISPs transparent
01/25/2001 A day in the life of a cable junkie What makes people life-long cable guys
12/17/2000 Open Access: HFC Management Where the real problem with open access lies -- last mile
11/13/2000 Open Access: Service Management Wrangling with all the service choices regarding Open Access
10/26/2000 Open Access: Connection Management How ISPs can access broadband networks
08/15/2000 Customer Premise vs, End-of-Line Monitoring Comparison of cable modem monitoring methods
08/2000 Customer Information Center How to keep customers appraised of your service
07/2000 How Many Heads Do You Have? A look at MSO monitoring requirements, fcaps, etc.
06/28/2000 Open Access: Freedom to Choose Introduction to open access for cable networks
06/24/2000 Where Do Your Services Fail How to determine where to monitor services
06/19/2000 How Important Are Your Transactions Transaction software's good and bad points
06/2000 Self-Diagnostics for Broadband Consumers How to empower customers with self-diagnostics
05/2000 Broadband Troubleshooting Tool Design Problems and design issues with troubleshooting tools and making them work with a particular MSO.
04/2000 Personal Computer and Cable Modem Troubleshooting An analysis of personal computer and cable modem troubleshooting techniques
02/2000 Hassle-Free Modem Installs A six-step program to avoid the pitfalls of high-speed data installation.
01/2000 IP Address Provisioning Overview How Internet protocol (IP) address provisioning can affect your data service
12/10/1999 Monitoring Client Experience How to monitor your clients experience to deliver top-notch service.
11/1999 Serve Yourself Lessons learned from an experiment with cable modem self install
08/1995 The Development of Echocardiology on the ICN
05/1995 Job Opportunities in Telemedicine
01/1995 Medical Education on the ICN

These broadband articles are based on research performed by Birds-Eye.Net and may include opinion and or views of other industry experts.

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