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Smart Shopper for Monthly Baby Supplies
During the first year you will use over 1,800 diapers and wipes!

By: Bruce Bahlmann

If you have a baby in the city (or anywhere else for that matter) think twice before you go out and buy diapers and other supplies from local stores like CVS, grocery stores, 7-Eleven, etc. Even Walmart can be expensive when you consider that you can't just go there for diapers and baby supplies. Sure they are "somewhat" convenient, but you PAY for this convenience. Especially when you buy these regular things from your local grocery or drug store in small quantities as you need them. If you are on a budget, or just a smart shopper seeking the absolute best buy on diapers (nappies), wipes, breast milk bags, etc. these items are best purchased ONLINE and delivered in bulk.

It is the difference between spending as little as $0.18 per diaper or spending over $0.50 per diaper. Buying online in many cases means you will NOT pay sales tax and some online stores like Amazon will deliver to your door for free if you purchase at least $25 per order. When you have a baby in the city and can avoid humping large packages of fluff all over town you will kick yourself when you learn that not only do you NOT need to carry large bundles but you are paying nearly twice as much buying from your local store. The following items are not only the absolute best products we have found through personal experience with all of them but in addition these products are offered at the absolute best price.  Note that if you use Amazon and you select super-saver shipping, by simply planning ahead you can save a minimum of $20 per child per month or about $240 per year.

Having gone through buying diapers and associated supplies several times, here is a proven way you can do it right the first time, save a bundle of money, and make your friends scratch their head wondering why they hadn't thought of it. To further simplify matters we provide additional information you need (weight and frequency) to plan ahead so you never have to resort to buying baby supplies at convenience store (premium) prices. A good rule of thumb for diapers is that you will need 5 a day and about 8-10 wipes a day.

Supplies for babies up to 3 months old (up to 10 lbs)

Pampers Sensitive Wipes Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment
Newborn Diapers [BUY] Wipes [BUY] Refill [BUY] Ointment [BUY]
These are for babies born under 10 pounds. If your baby is over 10 pounds, skip to the section below. Each package will last about a week and your child will initially gain about a 1/2 pound a week so plan ahead. Skip to the next level below as your baby gets to be about 9 lbs as although these excellent diapers are rated up to 10 pounds don't push it - meaning when a 9+ pound baby messes in these diapers it may not all stay in the diaper. A great container for these wipes to start off your diaper changing station. This carton will only last about 2 weeks so plan ahead. Refill for wipes container. This refill will last just over 2 months (~72 days) so plan ahead. Prepare for the inevitable by stocking your changing station with this ointment. This tube will last for 2 months.
Cost: ~$0.24/per diaper (was $0.32/per diaper) Cost: ~$0.07/wipe Cost: ~$0.04/wipe Cost: ~$2.15/oz

Supplies for babies from 3 months old 6 months old (10-15 lbs)

Pampers Sensitive Wipes
Newborn (size 1-2) Diapers [BUY] Refill [BUY]
These are for babies from 8 up to 15 pounds. Each package will last about a month (~34 days) so plan ahead. Skip to the next level below as your baby get to be 14-15 lbs. Refill for wipes container. This refill will last just over 2 months (~72 days) so plan ahead.
Cost: ~$0.18/per diaper (was $0.16/per diaper) Cost: ~$0.04/wipe

Supplies for babies from 6 months old 7 months old (15-16 lbs)

This is a tricky size for any baby as they are too big for size 1-2 and not quite ready for cruisers... You will need about month or so supply till they can fit comfortably in cruisers.

Pampers Swaddlers - Size 2 Pampers Sensitive Wipes
Newborn (size 2) Diapers [BUY] Refill [BUY]
These are for babies from 12 up to 18 pounds. Each package will last about a week (~8 days) so plan ahead. skip to the next level below as your baby gets to be 17 lbs. Refill for wipes container. This refill will last just over 2 months (~72 days) so plan ahead.
Cost: ~$0.20/per diaper Cost: ~$0.04/wipe

Supplies for babies from 8 months old to 1 year (17-18 lbs)

Pampers Cruisers - Size 3 Pampers Sensitive Wipes
Newborn Diapers [BUY] Refill [BUY]
These are for babies from 16 up to 28 pounds. Each package will last about a month (~30 days) so plan ahead. Refill for wipes container. This refill will last just over 2 months (~72 days) so plan ahead.
Cost: ~$0.24/per diaper Cost: ~$0.04/wipe

Laundry cleaning supplies

During your baby's first few years, they are MOST sensitive to allergens. Beyond starting babies on solid food TOO early (before 6 months) laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies your baby is exposed to is the next highest risk of them developing allergies. To combat this, we recommend "free and clear" laundry products from "All". These "free and clear" type detergents work every bit as good as your old detergents, only they don't leave residue or scents behind on cloths. Once you get used to your cloths not smelling of anything, you will find traditional scented detergents repulsive. Note, if you are using CLOTH DIAPERS, these become a MUST have. Do not skimp on detergent!

Laundry DetergentPersonal Recommendation: We have tried CVS brand clear laundry detergent and it never quite got the cloths clean enough. If you order in bulk, the best detergent (All Free and Clear) is the same cost as CVS brand. WE PREFER the liquid detergent over the powder for cold washes, but dry works as well only you have to add it to the water before the cloths go in. Fabric SoftenerPersonal Recommendation: The best wipes with weakest scent we have been able to find. Papers-brand cost more, but if you buy bulk you can witness (and enjoy) the quality.
Laundry Detergent (Free and Clear) [BUY] Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets [BUY]
Provides about 6 months worth of laundry detergent. Perhaps less if you are washing cloth diapers. Provides over a year's worth of fabric softener.
Cost: ~$0.14/per laundry load Cost: ~$0.03/sheet (was $0.04/sheet)

What works for us is to place a new order on the day before you know you will need to break into your last package. Supersaver shipping usually takes about a week to arrive but because it is free, you just can't beat that kind of deal anywhere. We order new wipes as we start the last package as well however you can NEVER have enough wipes on hand. Baby wipes like these can be used until your baby is out of diapers.


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