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FTTH - Fiber to the Home

By: Diane Shired

Meaning of FTTH – “Fiber To the Home” is a Passive Optical Network (PON) which brings last mile fiber cabling and signals to the user. FTTH is reliable and secure and has been around 1980s. High speed data, voice and high quality video is what everyone want today. The architecture is not as important as long as the service is fast and dependable.

The equipment at the head office is interfaced with the public switched telephone network and is then connected to Ethernet interfaces. The signals are combined onto a single fiber using various wavelength multiplexers (such as: voice/data, frame relay, CATV, T1, etc.) and sent to the end user via a passive optical splitter.

Other Related Definitions: 

“Verizon is currently in the process of deploying and testing FTTP (Fiber To The Premises) to some subscribers. This service provided by Verizon is entitled "FiOS," and is planned to offer three package levels: 5 Mbit/s downstream / 2 Mbit/s upstream, 15 Mbit/s downstream /2 Mbit/s upstream, and 30 Mbit/s downstream / 5 Mbit/s upstream." [Verizon Communications]

"Fiber to the home and optical broadband, 2002,  predicts substantial market growth in the coming years. Even today, the number of households with access to FTTH technology has almost quadrupled since last year, from 19,400 to 72,000 homes nationwide, and the numbers will keep scaling upward until they reach between 800,000 and 1.4 million homes by September 2004.  Render conducted 49 interviews with vendors and other experts and conducted 241 phone calls with representatives of various FTTH projects in the U.S. and Canada. And to get a sense of market awareness, Render conducted a survey of key FTTH markets, such as large housing developers, public utility companies and incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers. Even with strong numbers, the applications for which we'll want (and need) fiber are fuzzy. "If history is any guide, some of the most important future broadband applications will be ones that are not yet on the list of conceived possibilities," [A new report by Render Vanderslice & Associates]

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Implementation Strategies for Advanced Access Networks (Elaboration of common FTTH guidelines)

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FTTH Network Certification Test Kit
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Books About:

Fiber-To-The-Home Technologies by Josep Prat, Pere E. Balaguer, Joan M. Gené, Oscar Díaz, Sergi Figuerola
Japan Broadband Access Services Market Forecast and Analysis, 2001-2006 [PDF file] by IDC, Daniel Newman
FONS joins FTTH Council Europe.(ACROSS THE REGION) : An article from: European Telecom [HTML] (Digital)
JORDAN TELECOM SELECTS TANDBERG FOR TV/VOD FTTH TRIPLE PLAY.(Video on Demand) : An article from: Worldwide Telecom [HTML] (Digital)
Business Wire : Research and Markets: Looking At FTTH - FTTx And Its take-off? [HTML] (Digital)

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