DHCP Stress Testing Suite
The only commercially available DHCP stress testing suite

Birds-Eye.Net DHCP Stress Testing Suite is a collection of software utilities purpose built for exposing "hard-to-find" stress points of even the fastest Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers available. DHCP Stress Testing Suite represents a completely vendor independent perspective for enterprises, network service providers, and DHCP software vendors to qualify and screen products. Vendor independent stress testing provides objective performance and standards compliance information that insures company networks adhere to the highest levels of interoperability and scalability.

The DHCP Stress Testing Suite can be easily integrated into any  test lab; from small isolated test labs to large test labs offering both the ability to quickly set up and run simple to complex tests in a repeatable fashion. Its easy to build text input files, raw output, and command line driven executables make our DHCP Stress Testing Suite very UNIX friendly and highly customizable. We proudly expose the raw data you need to find the missing details in evaluating any DHCP server's performance - our goal is to expose the truth while giving companies the leverage (hard data) to make decisions.

Particulars about this software:

DHCP Stress Testing Suite instances installed on its own computer host may be networked together to generate multiple loads in excess of 1,000,000 emulated DHCP clients (and beyond).

  • Maximum number of clients emulated is only limited by the bandwidth of the test network and the number of dedicated computers networked and installed with licensed instances of the DHCP Stress Testing Suite

  • Each installed instance of DHCP Stress Testing Suite requires its own unique license (site licenses are available for larger companies to emulate large numbers of clients at multiple locations)

Suite can be used to performance test DHCP server as well as check/test the correctness of its response to user constructed DHCP requestsSoftware comes complete with installation instructions and operational man pages

  • Help is available to obtain dedicated hardware and/or completely configured hosts for an additional charge.

Output data is in the form of a text log which can be imported any standard data analysis tool

Man pages of tools included:

DHCP Stress Testing Suite Features:

  • Linux RPM for easy installation

  • For Linux (Ubuntu or Fedora) running Kernel version 2.5.11 and higher

  • Supports Option 82, sub option 1 (circuit id), option 4 (cable modem MAC address)

  • DHCP Stress Testing Suite will perform client TFTP transactions as defined by DHCP offers with defined TFTPserver and file options

  • Single (1) instance support for up to 250,000 emulated DHCP clients

  • DHCP Stress Testing Suite will perform TODtransactions as defined by DHCP offers with defined TOD server option

Purchase Options:

  • Evaluation: For purposes of evaluating the capabilities of the DHCP Stress Testing Suite. This evaluation copy functions similar to full featured options below EXCEPT it is restricted to only pass up to 20 pkts/sec.Cost of evaluation copy can be credited towards purchase of one of the other options below IF purchased within 30 days. 

  • Single User: For small to medium sized companies with need to test DHCP performance as part of a one-time upgrade event or on an ongoing basis to ensure new releases are ready for production deployment 

  • Enterprise: For medium to very large companies with a need to test DHCP performance as part of a one-time upgrade event or on an ongoing basis but with a need to exceed tests of over 1 million emulated clients. In cases where enterprises need to operate 2 or more test labs operating at over 1 million emulated clients, Birds-Eye.Net offers volume licenses.

The DHCP Stress Testing Suite can be used in many differentways. For example: 

  • Validate potentially attractive vendor performance numbers before giving such products any serious business consideration.

  • Evaluate new DHCP servers - compare and contrast different vendor products to select the one that best meets your performance requirements.

  • Test new releases of DHCP server software before deploying in order to prevent making guinea pigs of customers or employees.

  • Qualify products to confidently generate internal "clear to ship" statements as well as repeatable performance numbers your customers can also verify using our vendor independent software.

  • Test standards compatibility of DHCP servers by sending different mixes of traffic with different options that either adhere (or not) to the types of transactions (or DHCP clients) found on your network.

  • Troubleshoot DHCP servers - using information from network sniffers to create actual operational scenarios to test in the lab and determine what part of the network is not operating correctly.

  • Generate background traffic that emulates actual operational traffic to test other applications that must traverse and therefore compete for bandwidth on the same best effort network.

Birds-Eye.Net'sDHCP Stress Testing Suite adheres our carrier class DHCP testing guide found under the articles and white papers of our site. Birds-Eye.Net is the authority when it comes to DHCP testing and we offer the software that allows any company to leverage our wealth of experience. We provide software to companies that test the most challenging and demanding application aspects - performance! Use Birds-Eye.Net DHCP Stress Testing Suite and let other companies be guinea pigs, beta sites, or proving grounds for untested and unstressed DHCP products. Demand only the best.

Purchasing Options:

We offer the convenience to two different purchasing options (Enterprise or Single User). Single users are typically small companies where only one person will be using the purchased content. The enterprise option is for larger companies where the purchased content will likely be copied and used by multiple people.

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Linux DHCP Stress Testing Suite (EVALUATION)

* Linux RPM
* Full featured (see above) - BUT restricted emulation up to 20 pkts/sec
* 30 day credit towards purchase of full featured release
* NOTE: Above credit expires 30 days after purchase! 
  $99.95 US  
Linux DHCP Stress Testing Suite (Single User)

* Linux RPM
* Full featured (see above) download for up to 250k emulated DHCP clients
* Single (1) instance installation on single (1) host computer
* Includes one year of software updates and email support
  $499.95 US  
Linux DHCP Stress Testing Suite (Enterprise)

* Linux RPM
* Full featured (see above) download for up to 1.5 million emulated DHCP clients
* Up to six (6) instances installation on six (6) different host computers
* Includes one year of software updates and email support 
  $999.95 US  

Additional Purchasing Information:

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