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Broadband Monitoring, Diagnostics, Reporting, and Benchmarking Tools
The next generation of affordable development, monitoring, diagnostic, reporting services for broadband.

Birds-Eye.Net offers a number of terrific ways to service your broadband provisioning, monitoring, diagnostics, troubleshooting, reporting, and custom development needs. Broadband tools mean different things to different people. Thus, Birds-Eye.Net currently offers different tracks for different vendor or operator needs.

Track #1: Broadband Monitor  -- Broadband Monitor is an application that generates various exception reports about your broadband network. It is available for immediate download and can be setup within minutes.

Track #2: Broadband Troubleshooter  - Broadband Troubleshooter is a simple GUI application that turns an ordinary Windows PC into powerful evolving industry specific diagnostic and troubleshooting tool.

Track #3: Custom Reports and Benchmarking [LEARN MORE ABOUT] - Custom Reports offers completed reporting and benchmarking solutions that have been previously developed for other Birds-Eye.Net clients. These solutions are production ready and available in executable format. Additional customization of these applications is also available.

Track #4: DOCSIS DHCP Server [LEARN MORE ABOUT] - Birds-Eye.Net offers a standards-compliant DHCP server for the support of cable modems for the Linux operating system.

Track #5: FREE TOOLS [LEARN MORE ABOUT] - Birds-Eye.Net also provides a number of tools available via free download. These tools are all compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Home-Grown Alternatives:

If you just need help/guidance developing your own set of tools Birds-Eye.Net is happy to offer the advice you need to get started or keep focused. Our expert network operations consulting is available for purchase in increments of as few as 5 hours. Birds-Eye.Net can teach you many tricks of this trade - enough so that you can fairly quickly become self-sufficient. As an added bonus, any money you spend on  network operations consulting with Birds-Eye.Net can be credited toward the purchase of a subscription to one our monitoring or troubleshooting services if you decide not to proceed with building your own system.

Consulting services can be purchased by following the link below: Expert Consulting Services

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