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DOCSIS DHCP Server for Linux
All the features of more expensive high-performance servers with the simplicity of Linux.

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Description of Software:

Birds-Eye.Net Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server provides out-of-the-box support for DOCSIS, Multimedia Cable Network System (MCNS), and LANCity network equipment within a convenient Linux RPM.

For Cable ISPs, Birds-Eye.Net DOCSIS DHCP Server provides standards-compliant, scalable DHCP provisioning services that forms the basis of a DOCSIS cable modem provisioning system. Our DOCSIS compliant provisioning server offers many high end features to help you manage your cable modem network such as:

  • Option 82 support - Allows you to provision a single device for each subscriber (their cable modem) while allowing any Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) behind that device to freely obtain an IP address - so long as their CPE remains behind an authorized device.
  • MAC Address Filtering - A powerful feature that allows your DHCP server to filter inbound address requests from known applications or unsupported network devices.
  • Flexible API - Exposes registration capabilities to allow custom development of new workflows such as subscriber self-provisioning or full integration with customer care systems or billing systems. APIs can be easily scripted to produce complex workflows or accessed directly by other in-house applications.
  • Legacy Support - Allows users of LANCity equipment to support LANCity cable modems along side newer DOCSIS with the same provisioning server. BOOTP support can be optionally disabled.
    • Meets all requirements of first generation Nortel/Arris 1000/1500 CMTS provisioning software.
  • Scalability Options - Choose our "single user" license for smaller cable modem deployments or "enterprise" license which can support up to 10,000 cable modems.
  • Linux Support - RPM for easy installation
    • For Linux (Ubuntu or Fedora) running Kernel version 2.5.11 and higher

Future features under current development include

  • IPv6 support - Full support for provisioning IPv6 devices on your network along side existing IPv4 devices.

From the only company that offers a standards-compliant stress testing suite comes a DHCP server that can not only perform but has many of the features found on much more expensive servers.

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DOCSIS DHCP Server for Linux

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Linux Distribution:

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  DOCSIS DHCP Server for Linux (Single User)
* Linux RPM
* Single (1) instance installation on single (1) host computer
* Supports up to 500 cable modems
* Includes one year of software updates and email support
  $499.95 US  
  DOCSIS DHCP Server for Linux (Enterprise)
* Linux RPM
* Up to three (3) installation instances within a company to support multiple locations
* Supports up to 10,000 cable modems
* Includes one year of software updates and email support
  $1,299.95 US  

Volume (site) licenses are available at discount rates. For more information and rates, as well as extended support contracts please.

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