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Venture Capital - Niagara Region Ventures Fund
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Niagara Region Ventures Fund
275 Oak Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

United States

(v) 716.856.6525
(f) 716.856.6754
(e) email

Founded: 1979
Funds Under Management: $11 million
Typical Venture Capital Transaction: $100,000 - $200,000 not to exceed: $500,000
Companies Funded: 32
Global Offices: United States
US City(s): Buffalo, NY
Investment Timing: Angel (Seed), Series A (1st), Series B (2nd), Growth Financing

Company Background:
The Niagara Region Ventures Fund, part of the ECIDA Financing Group, supports increased private investment that expands or retains employment in Erie County, New York.

Technology-based companies have been identified as priorities for future growth in the county and region. The development and continuation of such companies is dependent on the availability of near-equity and equity seed, start-up and growth capital.

The Niagara Region Ventures Fund will consider funding for start-up, early stage and expansion stage companies that offer above average opportunities for growth in revenues, net income and net worth, and which are expected to provide long-term growth in the regional employment base.
How to submit your business plan:
Initial feasibility determination will be made upon review of a business plan.

The plan should discuss the items listed in the Business Plan Guidelines. The next step is agreement on the general terms and conditions of the requested funding.

Once the applicant accepts the Term Sheet, due diligence review begins. The review will be conducted by staff and consultants, as appropriate.

When the due diligence results in a recommendation for approval, the request is submitted for review and/or approval by the Investment Review Committee and Board of Directors.
Submit via email: email

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