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Broadband Statistics for 2007
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Birds-Eye.Net tracks events and predictions related to the broadband industry each year. Note that if no source is listed, the information came from multiple sources. For global broadband numbers check out our world telecom numbers spreadsheet.

Actual Events:


  • The average (American) city dweller is exposed to 5,000 ads per day, up from 2,000 per day 30 years ago. (New York Times)
  • Spending for Internet video advertising in the US hits $640 million.
  • The average return on every dollar spent on email marketing is $57.25. (DMA)
  • Cable TV's advertising revenues were up 6.3percent to $3.8 billion in the first quarter. Overall media ad revenues are down 0.3 percent as major advertisers scaled back on advertising budgets. (TNS Media Intelligence)
  • Audience for VoD represents 5 percent of total viewership. They still need impressions and the CPMs are high at about $50, compared to $25 for online due to limited impressions. (Ogilvy Interactive)
  • Mobile advertising reached a click through rate of 5.5 percent on Virgin Mobile due to incentives that earn customers free talk time (up to 30 seconds).

Buyouts or Deals of Interest:

  • Arris buys C-Cor for $730 million, September 25, 2007 (for a 39 percent premium)
  • CBS buys Online Sports Network (MaxPreps) for [terms not disclosed - MaxPreps had raised 12 million in funding], March 20, 2007
  • Cisco buys WebEx for $3.2 billion, March 16, 2007
  • Comcast buys Patriot Media & Communications of NJ for $483 million, April 4, 2007
  • EchoStar buys Sling Media for $330 million, September 25, 2007
  • Ericsson buys Tandberg Television for $1.38 billion, February 26, 2007
  • Google buys Adscape for $23 million, February 16, 2007
  • Microsoft buys Tellme Networks for $800 million, March 14 2007
  • Motorola buys Terayon Communications Systems for $140 million ($1.80/share), April 23, 2007
  • Movie Gallery buys MovieBeam for $10 million, March 7, 2007
  • Oracle buys Hyperion Solutions Corp. for $3 billion, February 28, 2007
  • Source Broadband Services buys C-Cor's network services division for $7 million, June 5, 2007
  • Yahoo buys MyBlogLog for $12 million, January 8, 2007


  • About 750,000 laptops were stolen. (Absolute Software)
  • About 23% of televisions in the US (70 million TVs) receive over-the-air broadcast signals only rather than cable or satellite programming. In the same report, 70% of the televisions in cable households are not connected to the set top box. (Leichtman Research Group)
  • 97 percent of stolen computers are not recovered (FBI)
  • DSL shipments increased 5 percent over previous quarter to 25 million ports, largely due to the addition of more than 4 million DSL subscribers in China. (Dittberner Associates)


  • 1.2 percent of US households are FTTH subscribers, 25 percent have NO Internet, 53 percent have broadband, and 21percent still use dial-up. (RVA)
  • As of March 2007, there were 1,335,600 US households connected via FTTH. (RVA)
  • As of March 2007, there FTTH passed 7,919,000 US households. (RVA)
  • Three largest FTTH global markets are US with 99 percent annual growth, Japan with 60 percent annual growth, and Europe with 13 percent annual growth. (RVA)
  • 20 million US households receive their TV over the air. (Bloomberg News)
  • Cable penetration fell to 61.3 percent (Television Bureau of Advertising)
  • Satellite market share increased to 27.6 percent (Television Bureau of Advertising)


  • Cell Phones
    • 14 percent of US homes with only a cell phone (no land line) versus 12.3 percent of homes with only a land line phone. (Mediamark Research)
    • 86.2 percent of homes have at least one cell phone and 84.5 percent of homes have land lines. (Mediamark Research)
    • 46 million US mobile data users turned to mobile search services in Q3. 411 was the most popular with 18.1 million users followed by SMS with 14.1 million users - 27.1 million users searched for local listings, 14.8 million searched for sports scores, news and weather while 11.3 million searched for mobile content. 61 percent of 411 search users were female, while 60 percent of all WAP searchers were male. (Nielsen)
  • IPTV
    • Global IPTV subscribers grow to 13 million (ABI)
    • IPTV revenues in the US grew to $694 million (Strategy Analytics)
  • HDTV
    • 29 percent of cable TV subscribers own a HDTV television set. 70 percent of those planning to an HDTV set in the next 12 months know that they need to buy an HDTV programming package. (CTAM)
    • 40 percent of US households own a high-definition TV (CEA)
    • 2 percent of homes actively watch HD programming (Telecoms & Media)
  • Music
    • Digital sales represented 10 percent of the total worldwide music market (In-Stat)
  • VoD
    • Viewers spend $2.1 billion on VoD services in 2007, an 23 percent rise from 2006. (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
    • Kids programming represented 24 percent of total "free" VoD orders in the first 5 months of 2007, behind music and movies. (Rentrak)
    • Free content represented 67 percent of 2007 total first quarter orders. (Rentrak)

Product or Service Milestones:

  • Comcast has matured its VoD service into a business that registers 250 million views a month - July 23, 2007
  • AT&T U-Verse hits 18,000 video subscribers and its installation rate has reached 2,000 per week (which is 5 times what it was in January) - April 24, 2007
  • The iTunes store sells over 5 million songs a day, or 58 songs every second.
  • Virtual world Second Life has more than 1.9 million members, roughly the population of Houston.
  • Symbian smart phone operating system has 73 percent market share of the global market. (Information Week)
  • Sales of high definition movies reached an all-time high of 75,000 movies the last week of May alone. Overall high definition sales hit a record in the last week of May amounting to $5.2 million in actual customer spending - which is 31percent higher than previously for the two formats.
  • MobiTV reaches a base o 2 million subscribers for its live television packages.

Population Trends:

  • Mobile:
    • In the US, about 166 million cell phone users send text messages, but only 35 million use mobile web and 12 million watch video on their phone. (Telephia).
    • About 88 million people ages 12 and up -- representing about 35 percent of viewers -- watch some TV out of home each week. (Arbitron).
    • About 25 percent of the study respondents watched TV at someone else?s home, 11 percent watched at a restaurant or bar, 7 percent at work, 5 percent at a hotel or motel or vacation home and 12 percent watched at other away from home locations. (Arbitron)
    • A study of VOD ads which surveyed viewers from ExerciseTV, found that 47% of the respondents recalled a pre-roll advertising spot and that 48% said the pre-roll ads made them either "much more" or "somewhat more" likely to buy the featured product (Frank N. Magid and Associates)



  • By end of 2007 global mobile advertising will generate $895 million. (Gartner)


  • By end of 2007 the number of US households subscribing to FTTx (fiber connections) will increase to 3 million, and residential broadband penetration will exceed 50 percent or 60 million households. (Parks Associates 2007 report)


  • By 2007 28.9 percent of American households will have dial-up service, while 54.5 percent will have broadband, which brings the share of Internet-connected households to 83.4percent. The annual growth rate for online adoption is expected to be at 5.1percent, the annual growth for broadband is estimated at 21.8 percent, the growth rate for dial-up is negative 9.7 percent. (eMarketer)
  • By 2007 50 percent of Australian households will have broadband. (IDC)
  • By 2007 IPTV STB sales will more than double to 7.9 million units world wide, a growth of 111%. Sales in Europe will be particularly strong as H.264 technology takes hold. (Strategy Analytics)
  • By 2007 worldwide CMTS market is projected to hit $673 million and top 3 leaders Cisco, Motorola, and Arris together capture 82% of the market. (Infonetics Research)


NOTE: If there is any fact, event, milestone, or deal missing in our listing or if you would like to send us a correction please send us updates by clicking the following link [Email Us].

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