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The following is a collection of published articles. These articles cover all things broadband and more (emerging technology, art, market strategy, etc.). Articles are updated monthly and some cases weekly depending on the availability of material and the time to write high quality content. All of these articles have primarily been published in trade magazines or technical journals. On occasion, some versions of these articles have been published on select on-line content sites.

 date title description
 11/08/2008 Guidance technology opportunities and challenges
 What subscribers can't find on television is more than just an inconvenience
 10/28/2008 BD-Live: Internet invading physical media
 What does BD-Live have in common with Tru2way?
 02/24/2008 Having subscribers define your next products
 How social networking may replace traditional product development tasks
 08/20/2007 Brushing the dust off long tail video on demand (VoD) titles
 Accessing the far reaches of a growing video on demand library
 07/04/2007 Due diligence and the percentages of doing business
 Beating the percentages with careful planning and extensive due diligence
 07/01/2007Digital living network alliance (DLNA) essentials
 Enabling bridges between services within a connected home
 05/02/2007 Choosing High Definition Disc Player: HD-DVD or Blu-ray
 The confusion around standards is well over blown
 03/11/2006Automated patent evaluation
 An introduction to automating the evaluation of intellectual property (IP)
 02/12/2006 Consumer appetite for high-tech television
 From HDTV, to video on demand (VoD), and perhaps to a la carte
 08/02/2005 Digital rights management (DRM) strategies
 Take-aways from attending a conference on DRM in New York City
 07/25/2005 The need for speed: Over-delivering bandwidth
 Questioning demand for higher bandwidth and understanding repercussions
 07/21/2005 Lead with content and services, not bandwidth
 What is more valuable to customers: a pipe or the water it delivers?
 07/19/2005Brownfield vs greenfield opportunities
 Acquisition target strategies for finding diamonds in the rough
 07/15/2005 The future of quality of service (QoS)
 Will it bring the differentiation service providers are hoping for
 06/24/2005 Speed bumps in the battlefield of bandwidth price wars
 Obstacles to simply increasing speeds rather than price for broadband
 05/26/2005 What are SMTP mail relay services?
 How to get around your ISP blocking your ability to use any SMTP server
 04/08/2005 Broadband, HDTV, and video art
 Next generation broadband services that deliver video art
 04/09/2004Broadband messaging & permission based marketing
 Marketing consumers using permission based broadband messaging
 08/27/2004 Broadband over power lines (BPL)
 Going beyond the lab and technical trials and into production roll-outs
 08/25/2004 Enterprise really simple syndication (RSS) applications
 Augmenting really simple syndication (RSS) to fit enterprise businesses
 05/02/2004Consumer electronics and the realities of retail broadband
 Where compliance and standards limit vendors ability to be unique
 03/11/2004 Emergency alert system (EAS) over broadband
 Taking homeland security to the growing online community
 12/12/2003Buying in the high definition television (HDTV)
 What you need to know before buying your first HDTV
 12/03/2003 Route Control
 Taking control of your Internet routing
 10/12/2003Broadband exception reporting
 Simplifying network monitoring by only addressing exceptions
 08/03/2003 Fixed versus usage-based billing: reasons to keep it simple
 Making real cents with simplicity over usage based options
 08/02/2003 Build, buy, or subscribe and pursuit of functionality
 Direction guidance for service providers seeing to gain functionality
 05/08/2003 Multiple broadband connections to home/business
 Building multi-broadband connected home or business just got easier
 03/03/2003 Broadband troubleshooting tools design considerations
 Design decisions for better MSO troubleshooting tools
 02/11/2003Bandwidth, contention, and profits
 Combating the forces working against profitable delivery of data services
 03/15/2002 Impact of content & demand on bandwidth management
 Addressing the source of broadband's network capacity depletion
 12/27/2001 Broadband installation options
 A comparison of various installation options available to broadband operators
 08/02/2001 Cable modem security
 Insulating your network while keeping customers safe from each other
 04/30/2001 Distributing services
 Hardware versus software centered service distributing
 01/25/2001 A day in the life of a cable junkie
What makes people life-long cable employees
 01/16/2001 Innovation and the Internet
 A glimpse of what the future might bring.
 08/15/2000 Customer premise vs end-of-line monitoring
 Monitoring last mile transmission lines in lieu of end user devices
 06/19/2000 How important are your transactions
 Evaluating OSS/BSS transaction reliability, priority, and IT infrastructure
 05/30/2000 Customer Information Center
 A means to provide customers with up to date service information
 04/20/2000 How many heads (monitors) do you have?
 Consolidating monitoring systems within network operations center
 04/03/2000 Self-diagnostics
 Placing advanced troubleshooting tools in the hands of customers
 02/16/2000Cable modem and personal computer troubleshooting
 The troubleshooting process of connecting computers to cable modems
 02/12/2000 Hassle-free cable modem installs
 Cable modem installation best practices for cable companies
 12/12/1999 IP address provisioning overview
 An introduction to IP address provisioning for data over cable services
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