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The following is a collection non-published articles and other written works. Inspiration for these written works came from a variety of things including an observation, bad customer experience, technical brainstorming, or even a conversation with someone. This list of written pieces represents an evolution of thinking about broadband and other related technologies from reactions to attending training or conferences to pure independent thinking. Are the written works forward looking? Readers are encouraged to respond with their thoughts, reactions, and suggestions.

 date title description
 03/20/2015Software developer recruit assessmentAn assessment tool measuring software development experience/maturity
 01/12/2008 Are over the air antennas now obsolete?
 The truths and benefits of over-the-air television (TV) antennas
 06/26/2005 DHCP network traffic analysis
 What represents "normal" traffic on a large DHCP network?
 09/09/2002 Carrier class DHCP testing setup and suggested numbers
 Devising a carrier-class testing environment to measure DHCP performance
 06/20/2001 The ABCs of understanding DHCP performance
 A beginners guide to understanding operation and performance of DHCP
 02/27/2001 DHCP packet filtering
 Stopping unwanted DHCP packets before they can damage performance
 05/29/2000 IP address management
 An introduction to Internet Protocol (IP) address management
 06/05/1996 DHCP recomendations
 Insight into first major DHCP deployment and what we were thinking
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