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Video on Demand (VoD)
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VoD market research provides guidance for operators and opportunities for hardware, software, and content vendors

By: Bruce Bahlmann - Contributing Author (your feedback is important to us!)

  • Public companies to watch related to VoD
  • Birds-Eye.Net Analysis
    • Introduction to VoD from a broadband perspective
    • Information vs. entertainment quality video
    • Challenges faced by broadband service providers
    • Billing obstacles
    • Electronic program guide (EPG) interfacing
  • VoD deployment snap shot
  • Market research data related to VoD
  • Market research data related to PPV
    • Background on PPV
    • History of PPV challenges and similar anticipated VoD obstacles
  • Broadband online movie service (streaming IP video)
  • Digital Rights Management: Microsoft, Sony (Passage)
  • Packaged media video distribution business (Blockbuster, Netflix, McDonalds, Walmart, etc.)
  • Broadband service provider plans for VoD
  • Content providers views of VoD
  • VoD vendors
    • Vendor information Artel, Broadbus, Callis, Concurrent, Exavio, Harmonic, InfoValue, Kasenna, Midstream, Movidis,  nCube, SeaChange, SGI, Streambox, Streaming21, Sun Microsystems
    • Out of business or winding down operations: DIVA, Manticom Networks
  • CLEC & ILEC implementation of VoD
    • Introduction of Switched Digital Video (SDV)
    • Comparisons of telco and cable approaches to VoD
  • PVR and Tivo
  • Significant events shaping VoD landscape (legal and other)
  • Content licensing issues

Readers who use this information for investment purposes do so at their own risk! Opinions expressed are just that and not based on insider information or information otherwise obtained illegally.

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